Kahani Ghosh and Shivang Mehta

Wildlife photographers, film-makers, this naturalists couple  have adopted Corbett Tiger Reserve as their main area of work since 2004. During this period, they have worked with the park authorities to promote healthy tourism in Corbett National Park through the medium of short films and their photographs. Their film – Wild Saga of Corbett – is the most comprehensive travelogue on Corbett and showcases how tourists can come better prepared for their visits to Corbett and thus help in conservation efforts of the people of Ramnagar and the forest department. The film – marketed...
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Community Awareness at the Ramleelas; the Corbett Vulture Campaign spreads the message, by Piers Griffith-Jones

Hanuman and Ram Ram Leelas are one of the most celebrated festivals in the Hindu religion. The format is for every town and village to hold their own Ram Leelas re-enacting the Ramayana – the story of Rama – over 10 consecutive days, telling each “chapter” of the story on the different days. The general overview of the Ramayana is that after Rama, Lakshman and Sita are exiled into the forest Sita is kidnapped by the king of Lanka, Ravana. With the help of the monkey army led by Hanuman and also some vultures who have seen Ravana taking Sita, Rama and Lakshman begin their epic voyage...
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Villagers Bring Hope Back to Corbett National Park, by Keith Waters

During my time here in Corbett the last few months I have witnessed the challenges of conservation in India and this region in particular, many incidents have happened which have saddened the heart and brought despair to me but yesterday an event of such magnitude occurred that I can once again see the light at the end of the tunnel for conservation in India.  India is not just home to the Tiger but to some of the most majestic animals that roam this earth each possessing a quality that stands them head and shoulders above the rest. In this time of rising Man-animal conflict it is hard to see...
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