Chandarsain Kashyap

Chandarsain is from Ramnagar, only 43 years on this earth, he has what many people might consider an unusual profession, he is a snake catcher. Pandit Ji as he is fondly called is also a painter an artist and a news reporter. He works for Dainik Hope and Nirankush Bharat.

Chandarsain follows the footsteps of Romulus Whitaker. He went on his first snake rescue expedition at the tender age of thirteen; he walked behind snake charmers and rescuers. That is how he learnt to catch snakes.

He has caught various species both venomous and non-venomous ones. He must have caught and rescued over 1000 snakes in the past 13 years.

People call him from different places to catch and release snakes. Once a snake is caught Chandarsain sees to it that it is released in the forest, away from human – beings.

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