Tiger Conservation

Successful Tiger Treatment

On 9 February 2011 an injured tiger was found on Kichaar road, Bijrani range, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ramnagar. Some people from the nearby village gave the information to the authorities.

As soon as the information reached the forest department they made a team of specialists and doctors. When they reached the spot they found the tiger was lying under a bush, the tiger was not making any movement and it looked dead.

The rescue team went near the tiger but on elephant back. When the team reached nearer say at a distance of 10 – 12 feet the tiger charged the elephants, the elephants got scared and started creating trouble for the rescue team. Then the authorities decided to keep the elephants away to know the actual status of injured tiger.

It was a male tiger, 5 – 6 year old; his right frontal paw was injured by a quill. After observing it the doctor medicated the tiger by injecting medicine into fresh pieces of meat (which was eaten by the tiger).

Day One: The tiger was agitated and attacked the team; he was not allowing anyone near him.  The medicated meat was given to the tiger.

Day Two: They continued the same process. The tiger looked better and was calmer.

Day Three: He looked better than day one.

Day Four:  The tiger left the spot. The only conclusion we can draw is that he had become fit enough to leave and fend for himself.

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