Human Tiger Conflict

Five people killed. One tiger shot, another fatally wounded, third tranquilised in Corbett

November 12. Tiger Claims first victim Nandi Devi, was attacked in the Corbett tiger Reserve forest as she was returning to Sundarkhal village.

November 18. Tiger claims second victim. Kalpana Devi was attacked in the Ramnagar forest Division as she was in the forest of Chukum village.

December 30. Smt. Devki Devi another woman killed near Sarapduli range in Corbett Tiger Reserve. The victim, a resident of Sundarkhal, had gone to the forest for collecting fodder during the afternoon when she was attacked and killed by a tiger.

Forest officers believe that the ‘man-killing tiger is a tigress. All victims have been killed inside the reserve.

December 29: A high-level meeting held to finalise the agenda for celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of Corbett

December 30: A group of 1,000 angry villagers from Sundarkhal locked the main gate to the Corbett Tiger Reserve’s in Dhangari zone on December 30th, they gheroad officers and demanded that the tiger be killed.  The same day the Chief Wildlife Warden issued orders to shoot the “man-eating tiger”, which is active in Sundarkhal, Garjia and Dhikuli ranges of CTR. Two shooters were dispatched to do the job.

January 7, 2011: A tiger is captured. Male. Not the ‘man-eating’ tigress. Released in the core area.

January 10: Fourth victim — Shanti Devi of Garjia village — was discovered on Jan 11 morning near Garjia chowki. The woman’s body was not eaten.  There was a half-eaten sambar— near the tiger’s kill. It is presumed that the woman was attacked as the tigress was only defending her kill.  The Tigress was eating her kill when it was shot. It is said that the bullet hit her twice. The carcass of the shot Tiger has not been found. Search for the wounded Tiger Continues.

January 17, 2011: MEF Jairam Ramesh writes to the Chief Minister, Uttarakhand expressing concern. ‘He explained that according to the NTCA member secretary who visited the area to take stock of the situation said that the women of Sundarkhal frequented the forest for collection of curry leaf, fodder, and fuel, and succumbed to lethal encounters with resident tigers. According to camera trap records and staff there are two tigers and two tigresses in that area. He pointed out that this is a recurring problem and stressed for an urgent need for a long lasting solution. He urged the CM for relocating the 342 families of Sundarkhal and the adjoining village of Devichaud with 100 per cent central assistance under the scheme of Project Tiger. He said, as advised earlier, areas of Lansdowne, Ramnagar be included in the buffer zone of Project Tiger for active management with central support to reduce man-animal conflict.

January 26, 2011: A man killed by tiger near Sundarkhal. Villagers agitated, halted traffic on NH 121, they gheroad, pelted stones and beat up the forest department staff (and elephants), two staff members were sent in ambulance and are very critical.

January 27, 2 am: A tiger (found near the carcass) was shot dead; with 25 to 30 bullets pumped into him. The villagers celebrated; a victory procession was taken out with drums etc and the shooter who shot the tiger, was hailed.

The tiger killed is a young male about 6-7 years old.  The ‘man-eater’ was believed to be a female.

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