Joel Wright

‘If Gandhi and the Buddha were crossed to become a young white boy, he’d look like Joel’ – Sumantha Ghosh.


Wildlife enthusiast Joel took time out from wandering around India to work with Mahseer Conservancy for 1 month in March 2010. He conducted a pioneering research study looking at the decline of the Golden Mahseer on the Ramganga River in Almora. Braving the sand mining mafia, boys with explosives and illness he collected alarming data showing that the Golden Mahseer populations are being decimated. Indiscriminate fishing methods such as dynamiting, poisoning and electrocution are in widespread use and are having a devastating effect on the river ecosystem. Other human impacts such as sand mining, water extraction and pollution are all contributing to the destruction and shrinkage of the Golden Mahseer’s habitat and spawning grounds. Joel’s study highlighted that the threat to the local wildlife was extreme and action needed to be taken immediately. His report will be the foundation of several Golden Mahseer conservation initiatives in the area which will look to enforce the ban on dynamite, create numerous ‘mahseer sanctuaries’ and start angling based eco-tourism.

Picture2Joel’s time at Mahseer Conservancy was an invaluable and hugely enjoyable experience. It will also provide a practical perspective for when he goes home to the UK to do a Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity at the University of Exeter. Some highlights of his month stay were being left breathless when seeing a tiger for the first time, developing a passion for the magnificent Golden Mahseer and working with such enthusiastic and dedicated conservationists at Mahseer Conservancy. Joel hopes to return to India as soon as possible to follow up his initial report on the Golden Mahseer.

Joel’s aims for the future are to start growing his own vegetables, learn to play the flute and become a full time eco-warrior with a specialized lycra superhero costume.

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