Kalabanse (Labeo calbasu),by Sumantha Ghosh

kalabanseKnown as Patthar chatta in Kumaon and Kali machli in Garhwalare, Kalabanse is a greeny-grey fish with the pink tinged scales. It is also characterized with pink eyes and grows to almost 3 feet in length and tipping the scales at 25 lbs in the Ramganga.

A true bottom feeder the Kalabanse, its mouth protrudes downwards when open and has a distinct fringe on the upper lip. It has a partiality for mossy, slippery rocks and sunken trees in the river and can be seen playing about in such places, sucking and rubbing its sides against the rock or trees, as the case may be.

Kalabanse is a game fish and takes bait—paste or worms as well as usual tank angling baits. When hooked it fights most gamely, coming up to the surface and going down as fast, though it may not have the mad rushes of the Mahseer, yet it will not give in.

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  1. sudha.v says:

    I am studiied in p hd programme in april session for 2010. my heading is biology and molecular systematics of labeo calbasu species. In TN is a endangered of above species. So some of the valuble gudence or suggetions get for me.
    thanking you

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