Prosenjit Das Gupta

prosenjit tracking jimVeteran naturalist, fisherman and author is always more than eager to advice on issues related to conservation and nature travels. Prosenjit Das Gupta was born in August 1944 in Calcutta and educated at St. Xavier’s School and Presidency College. An avid nature traveller he has been to numerous sanctuaries and wilderness areas in India since 1968, when places like Kanha, Manas, Kaziranga, Corbett, Palamau, Nameri were hardly visited by any one. An avid birder since 1972, he is one of the first of the Calcutta bird-watchers to see and photograph White-winged wood-duck in Nameri in 1992.

Prosenjit has chased the legendary Mahseer since 1980 in Manas, then in Ramganga (fishing inside the national park was allowed in those days), Koppili in North Cachar and Jia Bharali in Nameri. He helped Assam Bhoreli Angling and Conservation Association in 2002 to plan out its mahseer breeding and conservation programme. He is a regular visitor at Vanghat and is in love with it since. He has extensively travelled in the Kumaon region. He is a life member of Bombay Natural History Society and World Wide Fund for Nature, and has delivered lectures on wildlife and conservation in schools and other bodies.

9780143028703Prosenjit Das Gupta has authored several well known books, “10 Walks in Calcutta” about Calcutta’s architectural and historical heritage.  “Walks in the Wild” on experiences and impressions about wildlife areas in India since 1968 (with a good bit on Corbett) and the popular “Tracking Jim” about the life of Jim Corbett and the places he had to visit (e.g. Rudraprayag, Champawat, Talla Desh) to shoot man-eaters in the Kumaons.


“After Elwin” about the work of the anthropologist , Dr. Verrier Elwin, in India and my experiences in the same tribal areas of central India since 1970′s, and a short monograph on forest trees (published privately).

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