Misty Dhillon

misty dhillonBitten by the Mahseer bug back in 1994, a decade later he teamed up with Mickey Sidhu and started The Himalayan Outback. Misty and his team set off on several exploratory trips in pursuit of the finest rivers of Northern / North Eastern India. They soon recognized the need for sustainability of these unique fisheries for and through game-fishing. Sustainable & ethical sporting practices /anti-poaching initiatives.

Early initiatives included involvement in the Upper Giri Mahseer protection program – this got off to a flying start due to great support from the villages in the vicinity, which was followed by strong anti-poaching initiatives and employment to some of the villagers for operations in the area. Another initiative of The Himalayan Outback was the team effort and support in restoring one of northern India’s final frontiers of the Golden Himalayan Mahseer along with the Pancheshwar conservation body which consisted of some very enthusiastic local volunteers.

amd4Lately there have been huge efforts in tackling the fish hungry villagers in Beat One (1) of the Western Ramganga River at Nagtale (close to the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttrakhand) and beyond thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ramesh Rana, Operations Manager of The Himalayan Outback.

Over the years The Himalayan Outback has had the opportunity to host television shows for the promotion of these very special game-fishery. Our guests have included “What A Catch Productions” hosted by Kathryn Maroun (Canada); “Reel Outdoors” hosted by Chris Bailey (USA); and “Hunt For Big Fish” hosted by Larry Dahlburg (USA).

The Himalayan Outback’s role as a responsible sporting operator gained legitimacy among local villagers by pursuing a policy of providing employment to youth from the area in which we operate; as well as by supporting local Mahseer conservation bodies, and working closely with village communities.

To know more about Himalayan Outback’s progmammes please log on to www.himalayanoutback.com.

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