Dr James Romesh Mehta, by Sumantha Ghosh

James MehtaGeneral Practitioner from Shorpshire UK, this avid angler, dedicated son and husband and dreamer is truly an unsung hero.

James first trip to Uttarakhand was in the monsoons of 2001 and organized a fishing trip into the upstream sections of the Ramganga. It was here that he really reeled in my first Mahseer and proudly let is go. This was a turning point in my life. Eventually when I wanted to develop a community based wilderness fishing loge on the Ramganga James stood by me and helped in every way possible. Not only did we manage to development a unique wilderness lodge but managed to conserve the wildlife and fished in this part of the Ramganga valley. I, these wildlife rich Sal forest and the creatures that dwell in the crystal clear Ramganga will forever remain indebted to this wonderful human.

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