Chander Singh Negi

P1070387He is however known more as Jolly Uncle. Jolly joined the Forest Department in Garwal as a dakwallah or postman in 1956 when he was just 16.

Also known as The Tiger Man of Corbett Jolly has witnessed when India’s finest national park Hailey National Park was renamed as the Ramganga National Park and then in 1956 as the Corbett National Park and finally he saw Project Tiger being launched from the  Corbett Tiger Reserve in 1973.

Jolly has never known fear and never will. While serving with the forest department he has caught several poachers and has caught hunting army soldiers, a member of legislative assembly. In the Mohan forest he caught the son of a serving judge and cleared his misconception that he was above the law, he even booked a Wildlife Warden.

After his retirement as a Deputy Ranger 1993 he continued serving the jungles with more vigour by joining the Corbett Foundation. As the head tracker his job is to find cattle that have been hunted down by Tiger or Leopard and offer compensation to villagers under the instant relief scheme. This programme is the single most reason for very few cases of carcass poisoning by local inhabitants around Corbett and healthy Tiger and Leopard numbers not just in the Corbett Tiger Reserve but in the adjoining and vast reserve forests.

Respected and loved by villagers and forest staff he is a key link and has assisted numerous researchers. Those who accompany him believe that he speaks to Tigers and Leopards, his understanding of Tiger psychology is legendry. While inspecting kills on foot he has been charged by Tigers and has saved the lives of those accompanying him by calming them down and holding ground.

This grand old man will be difficult to replace from the web of life. To know more about the organisation that Jolly the Tiger man works for please log on to

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  1. Varun Chopra says:

    Real gem of a person. Would be an honour to meet him.

  2. Santosh Mishra says:

    He is a great Person in Corbett.he is one of my Guru , who teach me abt real wildlife

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