Rishad Naoroji

risha naorojiFew in the Indian subcontinent have  done more for birds of prey conservation than Rishad. During the “Corbett Vulture Campaign” much of his work was taken as referrence. Raptor man of India Rishad is the project co-ordinator on Doongerwadi Advisory Committee for the Parsi Vulture Project, which calls for interaction with the Ministry & State Governments. Rishad has carried out exhausted researcher and field observation on raptors and worked on their conservation. Has worked closely with the BNHS as Research Associate; currently an active Executive Committee member BNHS and Chairman of the Library Sub-committee. He is on the Managing Committee of the Himalayan Club. An avid photographer, photographs published nationally and internationally. Awarded a silver medal at the Raptor Photography Contest held during the third Conference of the World Working Group on Birds of Prey. Rishad spent three years in Africa studying and photographing predators and three winters at Bharatpur studying the breeding ecology of and photographing the Pallas’s Fishing Eagle. His three years stay in Rajpipla forest studying and photographing the breeding biology and ecology of raptors successfully resulted in 500 sq kms of the area being declared as the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Rishad studies and surveys raptors throughout the country. His articles and papers have been published in numerous magazines including eighteen papers in JBNHS. He is the author of Birds of prey of the Indian Subcontinent, published by Christopher Helm, UK & Om Books Intl., India.

Rishad is currently the director of Godrej Group of Companies. To now more about what is happening in Ornithology in India please log on to www.indianbirds.in.

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  1. Steve Cale says:

    Im trying to contact Rishad Naoroji as I have taken very close photographs of an accipiter when I was in the Western Ghats in late 2009 that I think is possibly a Chinese Sparrowhawk, please can you pass this email on to him if it does not go direct.Many thanks Steve Cale

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