Sunith Reddy

sunith reddy 3Sunith’s tryst with the jungles started when he moved to Bangalore which had its share of wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists. One of his friends first took him to Bandipur and it was love at first sight. He just felt at home and totally in love with the jungles. But his fascination went beyond that of a regular tourist after he spent a day on the machan in Nagarhole. It was just beautiful observing the creatures go about their life, unknowingly maintaining the balance. He began appreciating the smaller creatures after this visit. After that the jungles of south India were like a second home. He was there almost every weekend. Just ‘ghooming’ as Kenneth Anderson would put it.

He then moved to Delhi and was introduced to a whole new world here. The diversity in the forests in India just struck him. When he first went to Vanghat near Corbett, he was captured by the beauty of the landscape. The winding rivers, the beautiful sunsets, the alarm calls… it was as if life was meant to be that way.

sunith reddy2

Man-animal conflict : herd of elephant walking in villagers' fields

His regular visits to Corbett National Park and Uttarakhand has further stoked his passion for conservation. Carbon credits has captured his interest since then as an economic incentive for large scale conservation. He has been involved with carbon auditing pilot projects in Warangal, A.P and generating sustainable revenue from the resulting carbon credits. He is looking to extend this to Corbett as well, primary through large scale adoption of solar power and other eco-friendly means. He is confident that this model of conservation will prove beneficial for both man and animal and to the earth as a whole.

The following poem summarizes his feelings for the jungles:

There is pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is rapture on the lonely shore,

There is society where none intrudes,

By the gushing river and the music on its roar;

I love not man the less, but Nature the more

adaptation of a poem by Lord Byron

“I hope my future generations will get to experience what I have, if not more. These jungles just deserve to stay!”

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