Sanjay Kumar Chhimwal

sanjay chhimwalSanjay was born and brought up in the eastern periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve at village Dhikuli. He is a fine embodiment of local sentiments and scientific point of view regarding wildlife conservation. A bachelor of Science and Post Graduation Diploma holder in Journalism & Mass Communication and Information Systems Management, this young man has declined numerous lucrative posts in the cities for his love for the forest. He went to Oman but headed back in 17 days.  Sanjay attended one week long course conducted by National Institute Animal Welfare (NIAW), Faridabad, Haryana in 2006. NIAW is a subordinate office of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Completed one year certificate course in tourism conducted by Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Uttaranchal to understand the role of ecotourism as a tool for conservation and how the tourism can be used to uplift the living standards of local people. Attended a week long Drought Proofing Programme conducted by Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) Bhuj, Gujrat.

sanjay chhimwal2He started the career with The Corbett Foundation, NGO that works for Wildlife Conservation. Main job responsibilities were to spread conservation awareness amongst locals. During the job with The Corbett Foundation worked with several schools and did many awareness programmes on regular basis with them. Worked with villagers and local communities for wildlife conservation and helped the tiger conservation programme of WWF-India, Mahaseer Conservation Programme of EPAC International and Medical Programme. (all above programme are the programmes of The Corbett Foundation). Helped in publication of quarterly Hindi and English newsletter on Corbett (published by The Corbett Foundation). Worked with Kids for Tigers Programme (Sanctuary Asia) as city coordinator. Worked with various other NGOs and Government departments during various occasions like wildlife week, animal census programme etc. Gave many conservation awareness talks to the Forest trainees of Kalagarh Training Centre, Corbett Tiger Reserve. Helped various students in their studies during their visit to Corbett.

Sanjay presently works with the Leisure Hotels and heads the Leisure Green team which does many cleaning drives in the area, wildlife awareness programmes in schools, and through the slide presentations try to raise awareness amongst tourists. Sanjay writes conservation related articles in daily newspaper and magazines and has never said no when we at SFMC gave a shout for some work.

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  1. Santosh Mishra says:

    Keep On ……doing well

  2. Hello Sanjay,
    Good to see such young blood involved in these grass root conservation activities. I hope you are making progress.

    By the way do you know one Col. Bhupinder Chimwal,presently posted at Musssorie.If I remember correctly his father was from Ramnagar and taught us Chemistry at Oak Grove School. Mussoorie.

    Wish you good luck.



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