Dr Koustubh Sharma

When Vulture programme in the Corbett area was taking off Kostubh Sharma was the first to come forward with help.

Koustubh Sharma2

Koustubh had a keen interest in wildlife since school days and the city of Bhopal, where he grew, provided ample opportunities to nurture his interests in bird watching and wildlife. Academically inclined towards mathematical sciences, he did his Masters in Physics from the University of Bhopal. It was during this period that he also conducted a small study on the avian fauna of Bhopal, and developed his first stand-alone software to help identify birds. This led to his association with BNHS where he later joined as a Research Analyst. Koustubh carried out extensive field research for four years in Panna National Park on Ecology, Distribution and Behaviour of the rare Four-horned antelope and obtained his PhD from the Mumbai University.

In search of the snow leopard...
He is trained and experienced for conducting field surveys, analyzing data and developing ecological models. He has been associated with the long-term study on tigers in Panna National Park, ecological monitoring centre in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Important Bird Areas program, vulture conservation advocacy program, and studies looking at the causes of man-eating in Tadoba Tiger Reserve. He has been involved with colleagues on developing protocols for monitoring snow leopards and its prey populations in Ladakh and Mongolia using detection/non-detection surveys and camera trapping.

Koustubh is presently with the the Snow Leopard Trust, the world’s leading organization on the study and conservation of the endangered snow leopard. He extensively travelles to Snow Leopard range countries to lead research and conservation planning, conducting training and field work, and analyzing research in harsh but spectacular Snow Leopard country. He is also an honorary research associate with the Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore.

To know more about Koustubh’s conservation work please log on to www.snowleopard.org or www.ncf-india.org.

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  1. Premanka says:

    It’s always great to see Koustubh’s sense of dedication and commitment for the cause of wildlife.
    Feel proud to have a friend like this.

    All the best Koustubh.


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